The Perfect Valentines Day Egg!

Who wouldn't want to wake up with breakfast in bed in the shape of a heart!!  You could follow up the idea with Toast and some fruit cut in the heart shape using a cookie cutter! You could always Pickle the egg, (soak it in beet juice) for a bright pink take on this!!


  • Hard Boiled Eggs 
  • A Milk carton or any juice carton (cut open, washed well and dried)
  • 1 Chopstick (round one is ideal) 
  • Rubber bands 
Cut the milk carton and fold it in half lengthwise. Make a hard boiled egg.  While the egg is still warm, peel the egg and put the egg on the milk carton, place a chopstick on the center of the egg, and put rubber bands on the both ends.  Leave it for about 10 minutes. (Keep the egg in the fridge if it’s summer time.) Take the chopstick off and cut the egg in half. TIP: Make sure the egg is freshly boiled and warm. Otherwise the egg might break from the pressure.

Source: Ashley Cooper Creations
Original Source: Anna The Red


  1. Hi there! I'm a site admin for AnnatheRed's Bento Factory who created the original how-to for heart shaped eggs. The above collaged image is an unofficial one someone made a while back and just got posted and reposted. Could you please add a link to our original post?

    Thank you!

  2. I sure can!! Thank you for letting me know and thank you for stopping by!!


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