Home Made Traditional Tamales

These might not qualify as your average "healthy" food, but my Brother and I decided on a whim to make these on New Years day and I HAD to add them to my blog.  More so because I'm about the most disorganized person I know and I need to have the recipe at my fingertips and it's easy to find here. 

So let me start off by saying,  #1 - I am NOT a professional photographer and most of my pictures of the  process kind of suck, (the above one being the best out of the bunch) but you will get the gist of it.  If not, then I'm sorry, nothing else I can do LOL  #2 -  I am pooped out!  Although the end result was fantastic, these do require a lot of time and work and I'm just plain tired now and ready for a nap, BUT, here I am sitting here at the computer making sure that you, the readers, are able to make these phenomenal tamales at your house.

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