Avocado Spinach Egg Salad Sandwiches

If you like egg salad and avocado, there’s no reason you won’t like this! In fact, you might even decide that you never want to make egg salad the “normal” way again. Because what’s the point? You might even want to serve this with Healthy Homeade Baked Tortilla Chips and eat it like it’s an eggy guacamole. With the spinach added, you get an extra nutritional boost.


  • 7 eggs, hardboiled 
  • 4 oz. plain fat free greek yogurt 
  • 2 avocados 1 stalk celery, chopped 
  • 1 C baby spinach 
  • Hot pepper flakes to taste 
  • Good bread, toasted if you want 
Start by hard boiling your eggs. If you’re never sure how to tell when your eggs are done boiling, follow Simply Recipe’s amazing guide! Once your eggs are ready, obviously you need to peel them. The shells are not the kind of crunch you like!! \mash them up with the Greek yogurt. Sprinkle some salt and pepper on top, too. Now, peel and pit your avocados. And mash those up, too. Just like a guacamole. Add a little salt and pepper to this, too, if you’d like. Now, all you do is combine the egg with the guac! And mix in the cup of spinach and the celery, too. Add a few hot pepper flakes to kick it up. Makes about 5-6 sandwiches. 

Source: We are not Martha


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